ASVM – Associazione Servizi per il Volontariato Modena since 1995 is the association managing the Service Centre for volunteering of the province of Modena – Italy. ASVM is an agency for the local development of responsible citizenship that aims to promote, support and develop volunteering, active citizenship and the culture of solidarity.

The Service Centres for volunteering are regulated and financed by the National Laws 266/1991 and 106/2016. There are 65 Service Centres performing at a national level and representing about 10.000 voluntary associations. They are members of CSVNet – the Italian Network of Service Centres.

Some basic questions about volunteering
Charter of voluntary values


Mr. Andrea Bellani
Associazione Servizi per il Volontariato Modena
Via Cittadella 30
41123 Modena – IT

059 212003
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Fields of activities

ASVM consists of 102 voluntary organisations (2018). It collaborates with about 1.500 third sector organisations and charities of the Province of Modena, that work on a wide range of topics such as: human rights, active citizenship, immigration, health, active ageing, disability, social inclusion of disadvantaged groups, poverty, corporate social responsibility, welfare-related issues, international cooperation, education, youth, environment, cultural, historic and artistic heritage,  sports and leisure activities …

Also, ASVM deals with: other Service Centres for volunteering at regional and national level, social and institutional networks, various community stakeholders such as local authorities, schools, universities, employer’s associations, enterprises.


The services, provided to third sector organisations or individuals, comprise:
Promoting volunteering, active citizenship and the culture of solidarity in the communities
Giving information, guidance and counselling (on legal, financial, administrative topics), supplying documentation and help to handle institutional issues
Providing training for volunteers and professionals of third sector and for other stakeholders
Designing and managing projects on a wide range of topics related to welfare, active citizenship and solidarity issues in cooperation with other public and private stakeholders
Supporting fundraising and peopleraising
Providing assistance in logistics and equipment